Barnaby has been born, raised and sheared under my care as his shepherd. Then to make the best practical use of his stunning fleece I’ve woven his wool into this unique, warm heart rug. I have done this process with all my sheep for the last 5 years now. 
    Harvesting the wild wool of my flock. 
    This beautiful hand made woven wool rug made on a loom using the incredible colours of Barnaby’s fleece. He is a Herdwick x Hebridean sheep and is part of my fibre flock and has been with me from birth. He was such an unusual cute little lamb and has grown into a shy but friendly part of our flock, he mostly hangs around with his buddy Burt, who looks almost identical. He is 3 years old now with an incredible marbled fleece. The colours are a myriad of sky greys, fawns and flecked browns.
    Organically reared sheep, sheared by myself and the wool used to create beautiful, warm, thick, resilient rugs for bedside and fireside comfort. 
    BARNABY is 95 cm x 65cm. It’s beautiful soft and thick. 
    Shipping to UK is set to £11 but may vary slighlty dependant on weight. 
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