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Calendula Skin Oil. Organic, Handmade.
  • Calendula Skin Oil. Organic, Handmade.

    The first product released from my Wild apothecary.


    Wild Calendula Face Oil.


    I have a deep love for everything herbal and plant medicine. So much, if not all of what we need in life comes from the plants and Mother Nature. 


    My ancestors were the witches who held all the knowledge and wisdom about how to heal ourselves inside and out, but so much of the knowledge was lost when they were burnt and tortured for holding such power. 


    Now we must take back control of our own health and seek answers from nature. Try to ingite that herbal wisdom lost to generations. I am on this journey and whilst i have been medicating and using natural plant medicine for some time i have never shared any with you all. Something i dream of doing on a larger scale in the future.


    This beautiful light face oil is handmade by me over this summer from Organic Calendula flower heads, Yarrow and Lavendar. The carrier oil is grapeseed. Unlike what many people believe, facial oil does not make your skin more oily, and so is perfect for all skin types.


    Calendula is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to brighten and support your skin,it will aid you in repairing and preventing skin imperfections.


    Yarrow dried flowers are used for their astringent & soothing effects.


    Lavendar fro a multitude of reasons ~ Aids in healing injured skin, detoxifies, prevents wrinkles (though this isn't the reason fro it being here) anti-inflamatory, soothes Eczema and has a wonderful de-stress fragrance. 


     This product is completely natural and used my myself and many friends and family members without issue, but i am not liable for any reactions you may have to this product. 

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      Please note ** Due to prolonged strikes by the shipping services here in the UK I cannot be liable for any delay or damage to packaging or products in transit once they leave my hands. My insurance doesn’t cover these circumstances. Most parcels will be tracked.

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