This is a deposit only towards a felted sheeprug of your choosing.  I have pure Icelandic and Icelandic X Shetland fleeces available and sometimes I have Herdwick and other crosses!  Your deposit will go towards the total cost of the purchase. My felted 'Living Rugs' are priced between £200-£350. Shipping within the UK is £11. Worldwide £30+ weight depending. You just need to choose the colour specification you prefer and I will find you the perfect fleece from my flock to suit. I will then send you a picture to confirm your preference of fleece and then make your felted rug. Once completed you pay the final balance and i will ship to you tracked and insured.  The rug comes complete with care instructions.  Please note ** This deposit can only be used to place a specific order for your own unique rug, in the requested colour preference. This deposit does not apply to any other rug I upload to my website or stories. If you reqire anymore details please get in touch.***PLEASE NOTE*** Since being featured on Channel 5 ‘This Week on the Farm’ I have increased orders and therefore the wait time is a little longer than normal. I can only estimate 1-2 months currently. It if you require before then or a specific date please message me and I’ll try to accommodate your request. Thank ewe for your support. 

Felted Sheep 'Living Rug' Deposit

Fleece Colour