Flo is one of my little Shetlandic (Icelandic x Shetland) lambs from last year. She is one of the naughtiest but most friendly members of the flock. She is May's daughter and May is the sheep who lies down on command! whereas Flo has a tendancy to want to jump on you!


    The images just don’t do her fleece justice!  The colour is exceptional deep Mahogony, granite grey, silver locks and areas of earthy brown. The fleece has various staple lengths of beautiful  soft wool, the centre is a short felted section with the other rug long and curly! Approximately 130cm length x 100cm width.


    The making process uses Organic Olive Oil soap, eco-friendly cleaning solution, hot water, physical strength and a large dose of patience! Since this is a 100% natural product, it's possible there might be some tiny pieces of straw or grass seed left in the coat. Because these are hand made and natural felted fleeces they respond differently to the felting process.


    Each fleece has it's own individual characteristics in texture, sheen, lock length and density. Some fleeces will also shed more than others, which is normal. They are suitable for light use only but will give you many years of use. Wild Wool Shepherdess is about creating unique, beautiful, lasting rugs from wool harvested locally at the source - My flock, which graze happily on hay meadows and nature reserves. The rugs and felts have an essence of nature about them. They are wild, rugged and yet incredibly soft, warm and durable. They reflect the colours of the Earth in all its diversity and therefore every item is bespoke and individual with no two being the same, focusing on organic and environmentally friendly creation.


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