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Morrigan ~ Wild Felted Wool Rug
  • Morrigan ~ Wild Felted Wool Rug

    Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of Earth and Sovereignty, a goddess of fire and shape shifting. I honour her with this magnificent wild wool rug.


    The Morrigan is pure Icelandic organic wool and a myriad of colours from chestnut, copper, tan, cream, auburn and gold! The size is a huge mammoth 140 cm x 140cm. This will be a treasure for many years to come.

    Because these are hand made and natural felted fleeces they respond differently to the felting process. Each fleece has it's own individual characteristics in texture, sheen, lock length and density. Some fleeces will also shed more than others, which is normal. They will give you many years of use. Wild Wool is about creating unique, beautiful, lasting rugs from wool harvested locally at the source - My flock, which graze happily on hay meadows and nature reserves.


    The rugs and felts have an essence of nature about them. They are wild, rugged and yet incredibly soft, warm and durable. They reflect the colours of the Earth in all its diversity and therefore every item is bespoke and individual with no two being the same, focusing on organic and environmentally friendly creation.

    Please note ** Due to prolonged strikes by the shipping services here in the UK I cannot be liable for any delay or damage to packaging or products in transit once they leave my hands. My insurance doesn’t cover these circumstances. Most parcels will be tracked.

    ***Because of Morrigans size and weighing up to and possibly over 4kg the shipping overseas will be considerably more than the Standard shipping in my website states. You will be liable for extra shipping

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