Osiris resonates very deeply with me. The name meaning yo
Rebirth, which is the process of traditional tanning. 

The colours are so diverse. Blacks, greys, silver, brown. The hair length is various throughout the hide. It’s a very thick wool and although soft it’s more hard wearing than the pure Icelandic other two. This one is a Shetland x Icelandic. Size 115 length x 85 width. The leather is thicker on this hide as the animal was older. 

Perfect for fireside rug, baby cot as the wool is so soft, or bedside rug. This is completely handmade using traditional methods and no chemicals or machines. The leather is also not as soft as some, it was incredibly thick, from an older animal and harder to soften. This in no way detracts from the beauty of the fleece.This is reflected in the price. 

ORISRIS ‘The God of Death and Rebirth’