1 Peg loom kit for children (or beginner for adults) includes 14" Pegloom with 11 pegs, 2 spare pegs and yarn hook. Yarn and enough wool to start making your own woven wool rug. Yarn is enough to make a small mat/seat cushion (50 cm) but you can buy more yarn and start to make longer runners and a set of seat cushions etc.. 

Basic instructions are included. The yarn included is the warp and the raw (unwashed) wool is to be twisted into the weft, however other materials can be used as the weft as you can see the colourful mat my son made with different coloured roving. Yarn can be used as the weft also. (only 1 peg loom per set, despite 2 in the 1st display picture)There will be a short wait on these while they’re being made but I hope to send out in the next couple of weeks and definitely to reach you by Christmas! Teaching children to make their own belongings or wares for themselves and others is one of the most valuable skills we can give our children in this ‘throw away’ society. It teaches value beyond ‘money’ and to create something to be proud of by their own fair hands. In an attempt to do away with buying useless, meaningless plastic waste toys that will end up in landfill or more likely our oceans, make a difference this year and if you must buy presents buy handmade, sustainable, eco friendly, and biodegradable.

Peg Loom & Wild Wool Sets