Pre - Order Wild Wool Shepherdess Calendar 2022
  • Pre - Order Wild Wool Shepherdess Calendar 2022

    For the first time I have created a beautful calendar for you to share in our life throughout the year.


    Myself, the flock and my work are displayed in special captured moments throughout my shepherding year. It features all of your favourite sheep, a few special words and also included are the dates of the Celtic calendar, the Solstices and all of the Full Moons of 2022. Everything that means so much to me, as i know it does for you too.


    You can purchase this pre-order and once I know how many to order and have recieved the hard copies I will send them out to you as soon as possible. 


    This isn't a money driven project as I make very litle from this calendar, but instead it's a personal way I can share my world, the joys of sheep, wool and nature throughout the seasons. Thank EWE to all who support me, it means so much. 

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