A beautiful, unique Home tanned sheepskin hide, using natural products and a lot of elbow grease!This fleece is of Shetland origin and unlike my others is brushed out. It’s very dense and soft with cream and white colours. 

The hide is Approx a smaller one at 95  x 65cm.
*Note: This is a traceable hide, ethically reared and not mass produced. It has been carefully cured, tanned, stretched and oiled by my own hands. The pelt will also have a more tangible, aged and rustic look and feel to it as this is not a commercially produced product. This is a rare and disappearing craft that I hope finds its way into your home.
‘Tanning my hides’ Since the dawn of time, animal skins have been used for a variety of practical and economic reasons. They have been used as clothing, shelter, warmth, protection, wealth, communication, and fashion In First Nation and indigenous tribes of the world tanning was done primarily by the women, who were the world’s masters at processing animal skins into usable skins and furs.The tanned hides were made into tipis, clothing, and rugs. It was also these indigenous tribes who developed brain tanning to process animal skins into usable material.  Other organs such as the spinal chord, liver, or marrow, fat, and vegetable matter were sometimes used as well, but brains seemed to be the most important ingredient. The reason for this was to promote softness and pliability. Since I was a child I have longed to learn and live in the ways of our ancestors and tribal peoples. Something innate within me. In our modern society it seems we have no room or need for such ideologies, very often frowned upon in the era of modern day consumerism and veganism.  BUT, we do consume animals, and I do to conserve and preserve my breed of animals and to show my son and those around me a way of living sustainably and working the land with my bare hands and keep that connection to our Earth which is so fragile and very easily forgotten today. I want to know where the comforts around me come from, who made them, which animal I’m eating and how it’s life was. I think we should all be conscious of living this way. 
Bringing the wild indoors!

Shetland Organic Hand Tanned Sheepskin