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A Wild Shepherding Day Retreat
  • A Wild Shepherding Day Retreat

    Hello and welcome!


    This day is exclusively for you, or a loved one, to come and spend the day with me and my flock learning all about how to set up a thriving farm business from animal husbandry, including natural, herbal animal care, to holistic grazing management, to Muppet cuddles you can choose your entertainment!


    As part of the day we will go through some of the processes of how i make either the leather sheepskins, woven wool rugs or the Wild Felted wool rugs. It's a unique opportunity to gain my years of wisdom in running a diverse craft, hide and wool and farm business single handedly. Times approx 10am - 2 pm


    Come to learn, laugh or just for the sheep cuddles!


    I am also available for continued consultancy work in helping you set up your own small flock, or to diversify your business. I run workshops of all kinds, teaching my various ancestral crafts, wool crafting techniques, rug making and the importance of sustainability and wool and heritage crafts, like tanning and leather work. I can bring the workshops to your location or deliver through third party organisations.


    I can also offer one to one tuition and consultancy on farm diversification after the taster day.


    If you purchase this day i will be in touch with you to figure out a day to suit us both.

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