This is a beautiful Icelandic x Shetland naturally tanned, organically reared and hand made sheepskin. The colours and textures of the wool, although short, are exceptional multi colours of , silver, white and charcoal spine. The leather is soft and supple and is approx 115cm x 100cm long.


    This sheepskin would make the perfect fireside rug, within a yurt, tipi or shepherds hut. Also draped over the sofa, or perhaps by the bedside. I also have customers who use these for wild camping as they are do much warmer than synthetic and very light to carry. They have also been used for horse saddle mats and cool motorbike seat covers!


    *Note: This is a traceable hide, ethically reared and not mass produced. It has been carefully cured, tanned, stretched and oiled by my own hands using traditional, ancient methods and no chemicals or machines. The sheepskin will also have a more tangible, aged and rustic look and feel to it as this is not a commercially produced product. I don't trim to the standard of commercial tanneries so they have a more natural shape to them. Some skinning holes are standard on most skins and its all part bof the character and does not affect the hide or aesthetic. 


    This is a rare and disappearing craft that I hope finds it’s way into your home!

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