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Wild Wool Collar, handmade in beautiful colours of white and silver this collar is light-weight that fits comfortably over and around the shoulders. Made from dutch wool, the collar does shed, as they all do a little. This is normal for a natural wool product like this.   You can add a bone toggle to fasten the collar or leave to drape open depending on your preference!


They bring warmth, magick and unique style to any wardrobe, ideal for festivals, rituals, re-enactment and film costume. Or simply your everyday wear..but more than that, to create a statement and fuel your inner warrior! Sustainable, ethical fashion from Wild Wool Shepherdess.


As all products leave my care in perfect condition I do not accept refunds on all sales. 

  • CARE

    The wild collars are handmade using 100%  pure wool and crafted using organic methods and natural, chemical free soap. Sponge clean or soak overnight in eco wash detergent, then drip dry. 

    DO NOT put in the washing machine or agitate too much or the collar will felt into a ball! 

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