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Brain Tanning - Hair On

Turning raw flesh into beautiful soft leather with the wool still on to make your own organic sheepskin.


Course details


On this Hide camp course you will be given the knowledge and skills to naturally tan sheepskin hides with hair on. You will be working on your own individual sheepskin and by the end of the course, leave with a finished beautiful soft, leather sheepskin and the experience to take the skills learned into other areas of tanning various hides, including small mammals like rabbit, fox and hare.

Hide camp life around the fire, sharing life, food and experiences. This is an ancient method of preparing skin and it is not only a deeply important way of honouring the animal through rebirth of their hide, but it is a hugely satisfying and inspiring experience which I hope to be able to share my passion of hide tanning with you too. 

You will aim to arrive 9am at the start of day 1 and the course will end around 5pm on day 2.

All tools, materials and hot drinks will be provided, however this craft workshop is self catered so you must bring your own supplies  and food for the duration of the course. 

If you need to stay over locally there are several options locally, I can give you more details when you book. If you would like to camp over in the sheep meadow please mention this when you book.


Day 1:


  • Arrival 9am, welcome and overview of the course with a cuppa and cake. 

  • Introduction and grounding together.

  • Fleshing your hide

  • Tanning the hide and framing/stringing up

  • Starting to soften and dry.

  • Evening around the campfire. Bring your drum or any musical instrument. Crystal sound bowls, flute, fiddle, triangle, pair of spoons! lets make some music together. 

Day 2: 


  •  Awakening sunrise and cold plunge to start the day, follwed by a short session of grounding and stretches to prepare fro the final work of the day.

  • Breakfast round the fire

  • Softening the hide. 

  • Learn how to make fire the ancient way, using flint, steel and bow drill methods.

  • Smoking the hide.

  • Finishing by approx 5pm 

2 Day Sheepskin Tanning Course Dates 2022

 13/14 August 2022.
8-9th October 2022.

Limited spaces. Location Screveton, Nottinghamshire.

BOOKING:  £295-  Email me at for a booking form and deposit details. 


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