Reconnect to Nature ~ Rewild your Life ~ Rebirth your Story.


During this phase of transition of un-learning modern day comfort and coping mechanisms, I intend to establish a sanctuary for people, mostly women to come to a place of rewilding not only their physical environment, but their garden of the mind. A place of safety where women of all backgrounds can bring their story, share it, be listened to and healed. Then leave this place to write a new story of their true, authentic self. The key to changing our world and restoring balance to our earth is to begin with alliance of self, then collectively we can join forces and reverse the decline of our spiralling extinction. “ 

Iekawehatie Kneafsey

We are filled with a longing for the wild. There are few culturally sanctioned antidotes for this yearning. We were taught to feel shame for such a desire. We grew our hair long and used it to hide our feelings. But the shadow of Wild Woman still lurks behind us during our days and in our nights. No matter where we are the shadow that trots behind us is definitely four footed”


Clarissa Pinkola Estes.


Away from the fast paced pressures and stress of life and family, work, this experience will be like transitioning back to wilderness, tranquility, fire circles, workshops and retreat for the soul. A place to dance, express, sing. A place to start rebuilding our lost connections with nature and our ancestral circadian ways.  



Throughout this experience we will be re-learning some heritage, ancient crafts, such as basic hide tanning skills. Traditional fire making, hand knitting, foraging, animal husbandry and how to care for the land through keeping sheep. Ceremony and our relationship, as life givers, to each other. Focusing on undoing generations of patriarchal conditioning. Taking back the strength of the Womyn and remembering our ancestral roots, particularly our relationship to the moon and moony bleed cycles. 


If you feel this experience is calling to you then please join me in the woods and meadows that surround my flock of sheep, for a weekend that may not change your life, but it will plant a seed.

This is, by essence a wild retreat immersed in nature and by nature I am a wolf, I move constantly and in learning to embrace her I’m letting go bit by bit of security, conformity and conditioning. That’s where you lose the magic. We are out in the elements so be prepared for such. 

What you can expect is rawness, fluidity in nature and submission to the way time and process might take us. Be prepared to open yourself to be inspired by her (nature), sink your feet into her earthy wholeness and craft a weekend of primitive skills, fire, community, togetherness, spiritual support, food for the soul and body and in return you just might find flickers of a new path destined for you which has been waiting for you to reveal. 






This is a camping in nature weekend and I hope you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the essence of camp life. Bring your own supplies and tent/tarp or there will be alternative accommodation in nearby villages if essential, but preferably you'd stay with us on site.

Materials: I will provide all craft materials, tools, firewood and tuition. 

Food: Please bring most of your food for the duration of the stay BUT I will provide a hearty meal for both evenings and hot drinks will be provided also throughout.



  • 27th - 29th August... Limited spaces remaining.

  • 10-12 Sept . Bookings now open. 

COST : £295

Arrive Friday 4pm for welcome and introductions. 

Food and fire circle in the evening.

Day 2 and 3: Crafts, including weaving and small mammal tanning, nature walks, foraging, meet the flock! Meditation, ceremony and lots more.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you’d like to come along I can send you a booking form and payment details. Please state which date you are enquiring about on the booking.

Email me at