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Lean into your paddle

The Great Law Of Peace Symbol

The call for Humanity, our Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon.

Can I ask you to read this with an open mind and an open heart. Think outside of society, democracy and corruption.

I have no interest what you do for a living, how much money you earn, what clothes or label you’re wearing. How many friends or followers you have or how big your house or car is. The ‘Things’ you own are just that.. objects you cannot take into the next world. Material possession that might make you happy for a day… but just a day.

But I do want to know what you ache for, what keeps you awake at night, what do you agonise over, what is it you are trying to remember, that which is engraved in your DNA, you have visions in your sleep, dreams in the day as you pass hundreds of fellow human beings without so much as a glance. We live in brick boxes detached from our true home, disconnected from each other, our communities, our food, the provision of life that our Mother Earth has provided around us in abundance, disconnection from our water source, our medicines, or true feminine authority. We have forgotten who we are and how we were created. We are killing ourselves more and more as each day passes, by destroying the body that gives us life, the moon who gives us blood and creation who is the spirit of the world.

True life, truth, wealth, meaning and purpose is when you wake one morning to discover a place, a people, a peace so great and real that at first you can barely comprehend it, or believe it’s real. Immediately your mind takes you back to that hill you sat upon, by the woods, when you were 8 years old. When you escaped the chaos of the world where you lived and declared out loud to the universe or whoever you hoped was listening that one day you want to ‘fix the whole world and and everyone on it’ in my childlike innocence believing anything was possible, as children do before they become lost and have to ‘grow up’!

I believe every moment from then until now was leading to this point in time. Every day of my life I dreamed of such a time as this. To encounter and embrace all wisdom, knowledge, teachings, people I longed to meet, history, purpose, law, connections, vision and hope.

The fire in my spirit never died, but my mind and body almost gave up hope.

You cry out one last time…

In 5 weeks I fly to Canada. Officially Turtle Island before it was renamed and colonised by my ancestors, the British, (and other invaders) who spread lies, disease, torture, corruption, rape, murder and genocide across the great waters..

Let’s be realistic and honest. We, the British have all but destroyed the majority of all peaceful indigenous nations across the world in pursuit of regal wealth and colonies, to Conquer and oppress any one who didn't conform to our way of living. Well look where our way of living has got us? We are living through disastrous times, an emergency that we ALL need to wake up to.

I am going there, to the Longhouse of the Kaienkehaka (Mohawk) Original peoples, in the hopes of of attempting to bring healing from the atrocities caused and 500 years of oppression and genocide upon the First Nation people. In an attempt to build bridges to their peaceful culture and to join a nation of women who have risen from the Earth bound by our feminine law to restore healing and peace to our chaotic, war ridden, disconnected world.

For the Native First Nations have all the answers, the medicine, the history of living for thousands of years in harmony, connection and true understanding of the Earth, There are so few left who live true to the law and ceremony of their ancestors and culture. So few left, because they will NEVER give up their identity, those who will resist to the death for our home, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. And by some unthinkable offer of grace, will hold out their hand to us, the non-native people of the world to show us their love and way home.

This place is where the truth exists, it is a beacon of light in the final days. It is also a place where the women are rising back to their natural seat of authority within Matrilineal law, our mothers back to power so they can manage our peoples properly again.

Within the Haudenosaunee 5 nations of Turtle Island, there is a constitution, the oldest in History called The Great Law of Peace. Stuart Myiow, the last Wolf Clan Representative of the Kanienkehaka traditional council upholds this law and the Women’s nation have called for a recital ceremony of this law which will take place this summer, to bring back peace.

I am now honoured to have been accepted in to the Women’s nation and now a Two Row Wampum Liaison for them here in Britain, to bring the sacred knowledge and 'Moon Teachings' to the people here. I will explain more as I go along this journey about the incredible things that have happened leading to this place in time in my life, I am in fact, in joint effort, writing a book, in the hope it may reach as many people as possible to join the Women’s nation and support the Longhouse to bring about protection of Grandmother moon who, as we speak is under threat from colonisation. If this happens all of life on Earth will change catastrophically. I will post a moon teachings video to explain this. From now on I will be sharing many teachings and videos and information. If you want to know more I can send you many links and videos to explain more and if you would like to join us or learn more please do subscribe to our email at:

Join our: Two Row Wampum FB page. The longhouse also goes live every Wednesday night so you can hear more about the Kanienkehake teachings, The Great Law of Peace and the Women’s recital this summer. These weekly international meetings are recorded and shared on our FB groups, so you can watch them anytime.

There will always be those who scowl and oppress or think this a futile ideology. But unless you have been living on a different planet for the last few years you will know the critical point we have reached. Our future lies in our past. Our time here is limited yes, so I have no need to point out.. it's running out.

Skennen Kowa Sewakwekon! (Great peace to you all!)

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