Felted Sheeprug Making Video Tutorial.


Have you ever wondered how I make the Felted sheep rugs from my flock? 


Are you, like me,  so disheartened at the appalling low value of wool and have always wanted to make beautiful rugs from your flocks fleeces? Or  do you simply have a passion for wool and would love to cover your home in these unique works of art?


What is on offer?

Well now I am exclusively offering my tuition online of how to step by step create these stunning rugs for your home. I have many years of experience in creating and mastering the perfect technique to get consistent results every time. I give you the best tips from my knowledge and cover all areas of fleece quality and troubleshooting problems to be competent in the comfort of your own home to make these rugs without the frustration that comes from many hours of trial and error and endless confusing variable techniques.



How will this tuition be delivered?

My video, offered to you in one full length episode is simple, easy to follow, concise and will include video of myself making and teaching the technique of wet felting sheep rugs, still images and clear Instructional slides.  After you have purchased the course I will be available for 2 live zoom sessions (to be confirmed to you via email link)) to answer any questions you might have following on from the course.


Why am I offering this course online now?

I usually offer face to face workshops where I can physically teach you the methods I use. But as the world is changing and I am evolving with peoples wishes, this is a good way to share these skiils I have with you for you to learn at your own pace. I am passionate about being a facilitator to those who wish to be more sustainable, eco friendly and committed about the way we live our lives and the benefits of creating a simple life, utilising our animals wonderful earth friendly fibre.




Today you are buying the PRE-ORDER of my 'wild felted sheep rug making tutorial'

This means you will be the first to receive my new online felted rug making course which will be live by the next FULL MOON, which is the 'Hunter's Moon' on the 1st October. By signing up now and purchasing the PRE ORDER online course, you will be benefitting from a discount of 20% whereas the full cost of the course from 27th September will be £169. This PRE ORDER is only available for one week so don't miss out on this introductory offer. 




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  • As this is an online tutorial, no refunds will be available once the customers has recieved the full video tutorial.