Hand Woven Wool Rugs.
  • Hand Woven Wool Rugs.

    Made to order handwoven wool rugs made from fleeces from my own Herdwick flock. As a shepherdess I hand shear the sheep myself and work with various flocks around the country where I source the wool from flocks grazing nature reserves and from farms in the Yorkshire Dales, Cumbria and of course my own flock.
    The price listed is for bespoke orders @ £20 Per Square Foot.
    My rugs are completely handmade from start to finish. Every finish is slightly different depending on what the customer requires. The more rustic rug is handwoven straight from the raw fleece, utilising the lanolin within the wool to help the weave bind. This creates a different structure and thickness to the finished creation. This is then washed several times in organic products and laid to dry naturally. 
    A slightly different process ensures the fleeces are carefully hand washed, carded on my hand cranked drum carder and woven on my peg loom, creating individual beautifully soft, strong and durable rugs. 
    They are perfect for any room in the house whether it would be on the floor or draped over a bed or sofa. 
    *If you require any other specific order with a different type of fleece do get in touch as the size and colour can vary. I have a flock of Shetland x Icelandic and their fleeces can be used to make the handwoven rugs with beautiful affect. 
    **I also offer a bespoke service whereby you send me your animals fleeces and I will make you a rug from these to have in your home from your forever animals**
    Since this is a 100% natural product it's possible there might be some tiny pieces of VM (grass seed) left in the coat.
    It’s also normal for the rugs to have some hair loss.
    At WILD WOOL I help bring the animals in the world, raise and nurture them to live an eco friendly, organic (not certified) high welfare life. They are part of our family and well loved. In return they grow for me wool of outstanding quality. I own a mixed flock of Herdwick, Hebridean and primitive, short tailed Viking sheep - my Icelandic x Shetlands. These sheep come from remote Islands and landscapes where harsh wild conditions are the norm. Where protection is key to their survival. They have evolved to grow wool of double layers, tough fibre and a very long staple length to protect, insulate and survive.The colours come in a multitude of variations, all of which blend into their environment. The hills, the rocky crags and the wild seas. These traits are all reflected in the rugs and products I make.
    Bringing the wild indoors!
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