EARTH - Wild Woven Wool Rug
  • EARTH - Wild Woven Wool Rug

    Bringing the WILD indoors!
    Hand made woven wool rug made on a loom using earthy colours of my flock. Herdwick, icelandic and Shetland marbled fleece. The colours are a myriad of earthy browns, greys and fawns.
    Organically reared sheep, sheared by myself and the wool used to create beautiful, warm, thick, resilient rugs for bedside and fireside comfort. This
    EARTH is 48 inches x 33 inches (approx 4 ft x 3ft) and is incredibly thick and heavy. 
    Shipping to UK is set to £11 but may vary slighlty dependant on weight. Contact me and I can confirm.
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